Case Results

This is a sampling of the types of cases and results (all results are gross awards before deduction of attorney fees and costs) my office has obtained over the years for our clients and while past results are no guarantee of future or similar success; everyone at my office always strives for the most successful result for each client.

TRUE MATTER: $240,000.00 obtained in a pre suit settlement from a fall from a roof. The client's personal injury claim had been declined by the two prior attorneys he had consulted with prior to his referral to my office.

ESTATE OF CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL PIKE, DECEASED: $160,000.00 post suit settlement for an accidental drowning during a holiday weekend pool side party.

KRIST MATTERS: $398,500.00 pre suit settlement for the members of the family after being struck by a drunken driver on New Year's Day.

ESTATE OF MARIBEL TREVINO, DECEASED: $803,000.00 obtained in a pre suit settlement for an automobile accident resulting in the death of the driver with the recovery of policy limits from the bodily injury (BI) coverage and underinsured motorist (UM) coverage.

IANTOSCA MATTER: $170,000.00 post suit settlement for automobile accident resulting herniated disc with policy limits obtained from the at fault driver.

HAMLIN MATTER: $100,000.00 obtained post suit settlement for property damage following Hurricane Wilma based on a wrongful denial of wind coverage.

EDDY MATTER: $100,000.00 obtained as a pre suit settlement for injuries incurred when an automobile fell off a stand during a repair attempt injuring the claimant.

CASSARINO MATTER: $60,000.00 as a pre suit settlement for injuries incurred as the result of a rear end collusion between a motorcycle and truck.

GARVEY MATTER: $260,000.00 pre suit settlement for injuries incurred in a pedestrian automobile accident.

ESTATE OF NICOLE MICHELE WEBER, DECEASED: In a defense representation, I obtained a dismissal with no recovery to the Plaintiff on a wrongful death claim against the Defendant, Marino Parking Systems, Inc., such suit resulting from the return by the valet service of a drunk drivers' keys and automobile, the drunk driver later causing the death of the third party Plaintiff. The dismissal with prejudice was subsequently upheld by the Florida 2nd District Court of Appeal and with review denied by the Florida Supreme Court. Debbie Weber, as personal Representative of the Estate of Nicole Michele Weber, Deceased, v. Marino Parking Systems, Inc., 100 So. 3d 729 (2nd DCA 2013) rev. den., 123 So. 3d 562 (Fla. 2013)

Disclaimer, most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.