Helping Truck Accident Victims

In southwest Florida, we share our highways with a large number of semi trucks and commercial vehicles. But when a collision occurs between a commercial truck and a car, we do not share equally in the damages. In most cases, the people in the car suffer the most severe injuries, or may even die.

I'm Christopher Mast, a personal injury lawyer in Naples, Florida, who represents accident victims. If you have suffered injury in a tractor trailer wreck, I offer an initial telephone consultation to hear your story and explain your rights.

In addition to natives of southwest Florida, I represent tourists who are injured in truck accidents while vacationing in Collier and Lee counties.

Uncovering Truck Driver and Trucking Company Negligence

Large trucks, whether they are called semis, tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers, are all subject to special Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) safety regulations as well as Florida-specific provisions. These regulations govern everything from how trucks are loaded and loads are secured to how many hours truckers are allowed to drive without taking a rest break.

As your lawyer, I will carefully investigate both the truck driver and the trucking company's records to find out if the driver was qualified and whether any DOT safety regulations were violated. My goal is to ensure you have a voice in these complex negligence claims. Often truck accidents multiple parties and their insurance carriers, all who are looking to avoid liability for your injuries, or avoid accepting responsibility for the loss of your loved one.

Negotiating Successfully With Insurance Companies

As a former insurance company defense lawyer, I know how to negotiate effectively with insurance company adjusters. Some lawyers use a "take no prisoners" approach and end up making it more difficult to reach a settlement in truck accidents. As a trained negotiator, I prefer pre-suit negotiation first, providing the insurance company the information they need to document your damages and your future medical and financial needs.

I believe there is no point in making an enemy of the person who will write the check for insurance claims. My approach has led to a many successful outcomes, including an $879,000 settlement for the children of a Florida woman who was killed in a head-on collision involving a truck. I handle serious truck accident injury claims involving:

Get Help Seeking Justice Today

To obtain the right outcome in your truck accident case, it's important to select a lawyer who believes in your case as strongly as you do. I offer an initial telephone consultation so you can learn more about me and I can learn more about your case. I handle all truck accidents on a contingency fee basis.