Wrongful Death Representation For Grieving Families

In 1995, I represented the family of a small child who drowned in a Florida pool. The pool was not equipped with a self-closing and self-latching gate, which enabled the child to wander in unattended. The pool had also been treated with chemicals that turned the water a milky white, which added to the dangerous condition of the pool.

I'm Christopher Mast, a wrongful death attorney in Naples, Florida. There is nothing a lawyer can do to make the death of a loved one less painful. But the legal system can help prevent future injuries because of negligence by forcing responsible parties to take care of dangerous property conditions. Without wrongful death lawsuits, we would not have a requirement for self-closing and self-latching gates on Florida pools. Wrongful death lawsuits can also compensate the survivors for their loss.

I represent the families who have lost loved ones in fatal car accidents, truck accidents, shooting fatalities, drowning, construction accidents and other types of accidents in Collier, Lee and Hendry counties in southwest Florida.

Helping You Maximize Your Compensation

All potential beneficiaries of a recovery for wrongful death, including the Decedent's Estate, may be awarded damages and compensated for:

  • Each survivor may recover the value of lost support and services
  • The surviving spouse may recover for the loss of the Decedent's companionship, protection and mental pain and suffering
  • Minor children and all children of the Decedent, if there is no surviving spouse, may recover for lost parental companionship, instruction, guidance and for mental pain and suffering
  • Each parent of a deceased minor child may recover mental pain and suffering but the parents of an adult child may recover for mental pain and suffering only if there are no other survivors
  • Medical and funeral expenses due to the Decedent's injury or death may be recovered by the survivor who paid such expenses
  • The Decedent's Estate may recover for loss of earning, loss of prospective net accumulations of an estate, medical or funeral expenses which have become a charge against the estate

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To obtain the right outcome in your wrongful death case, it's important to select a lawyer who believes in your case as strongly as you do. I offer an initial telephone consultation so you can learn more about me and I can learn more about your case. I handle all wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis.